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"News from Panama on PBC"

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News from Panama on PBC

by Noticias Bajareque Times

Panama is on the international as well as local map as PBC broadcasts the Sunday night magazine both locally and on the web. Starting with a summary of the news of the week, with Sunday Night News from Panama with Sandra Snyder at 6:00 p.m., followed at 6:30 p.m. by Car Talk and from 7:00 to 10:00 a wonderful selection of music and talk with interesting local guests moderated by Gerry D.

In Panama you can tune in at 93.5 FM but if you are in the interior or anywhere in the world or if you miss the Sunday night broadcast, you can tune in any time on the web at

Patterned after the BBC, PBC programming brings you the news in English without editorial comment. Sandra Snyder has long been known as the expert on Panama and now she brings you a summary of the news. The week’s summary is gleaned from the pages of La Prensa, El Siglo, Panama America, The Bulletin, and other local daily publications as summarized by the Coffee News.

Gerry D’s magazine format has included interviews with local musical groups including Bitch’s Ghost; Sailing School Instructor, Captain Sahika Riley; Insurance Expert Kevin Bradley and many more. In the coming months Gerry will talk with a local attorney about issues of interest to newcomer’s to Panama as well as and other local musical groups.

So if you are driving back from the interior, just settling down for a quiet evening home on Sunday evening, or just missing what’s happening in the local news (as reported in English) tune in and catch up, laugh at Click and Clack and enjoy the music.

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